Things to Ponder in Choosing an iPhone 5 Case

backcaseiPhone 5 is the newest released smart phone by Apple in the iPhone series. The phone is slimmer, lighter and introduces a 4-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio screen. It was released last September 2012 along with iOS 6, Apple’s new mobile operating system. As soon as it was released, a number of phone case manufacturers immediately made new cases that fit the newest (and hottest) smart phone.

About the Phone Case Brands

There are a number of phone case competitors in today’s market, among them are Griffin, Moshi and iLuv. They offer top-quality products guaranteed to fit both the needs and wants of its consumers. Griffin is a company based in the United States founded in 1992 by Paul Griffin. It designs and manufactures consumer electronics, computer peripherals and computer and mobile accessories. Speaking of accessories, the company created the Griffin Survivor, an iPhone 5 case that provides all-around protection from the elements and is fitted with a holster. Moshi is a brand that calls itself the “purveyor of electronics fashion”. The company is based in California USA. The company created the  iGlazeXT,  a hardshell cellphone case that gives seemingly minimal protection, however, unlike most cases, it shields the iPhone without taking away the Apple aesthetics. iLuv meanwhile, is a company founded in New York City and fancies itself as the “provider of the most comprehensive line of accessories for the mobile lifestyle.” It’s premier iPhone 5 case, the iLuv Pulse is a cellphone cover that encompasses the back and side of your iPhone. It is available in a lot of color combinations and provides protection while minimally adding weight and real estate.

Why are Phone Cases important?

The importance of phone cases can be divided into three aspects: protection, aesthetics and practicability. The protection aspect covers how the cases shield the phones from physical damage like scratches and dents and in extreme cases, they may be able to lessen the damage obtained from situations like dropping, stepping, etc. The aesthetic aspect meanwhile, covers the superficial appearance of the phone. Lastly, the practical aspect covers how a case either makes the phone easier or harder to use. Some phone cases, like the Griffin’s Survivor prioritize protection over aesthetics. Its silicon pads protect the mobile from shock caused by dropping the device. Meanwhile, Moshi’s iGlazeXT puts aesthetics and practicability over protection. The hard-shell cover offers little resistance from shock, however, it enhances the iPhone 5’s appearance while not adding digits to the weight department almost similar with iLuv’s Pulse design.

Which iPhone 5 Case should you choose?

Given that the iPhone 5 has a wider screen than its predecessors, it is essential to choose a cover that provides the best form of protection to its Liquid Crystal Display (or LCD). However, one must take into consideration the weight added to the product and how it looks. But the most important factor is the consumer’s comfort. Is he comfortable in using the said iPhone 5 case? It all boils down to what the user is used to.


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