Three iPhone 5 Cases and Covers You Should Consider

The iPhone 5 is an extraordinary device and is a complete upgrade to the earlier versions of the smart phone which is why you, a responsible owner, must look for ways on to how prevent the smart phone from sustaining damage. Despite the iPhone 5’s technologically advanced features and capabilities, its sleek and aesthetically beautiful aluminum shell and Gorilla Glass screen is pretty prone to the perennial electronic device (iPads are prone to it as well) problem known to mankind as scratching. It scratches pretty easily; some users even complained about that despite of just having it for 72 hours, a major scratch of unknown origin appeared on its rear, destroying its once perfect look. Preventing this is the main reason why there are a lot of cases and covers for the iPhone 5 that are currently available in the market. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

iLuv Festival

This case is mainly made of pretty hard plastic. It is a slim, hard shell case designed to snugly fit the iPhone 5 without hindering access to the buttons, cameras and ports. The extremely slim build of the cover enhances the aesthetic properties of the device. Speaking of which, the case is covered in an intricate and modern design, making you feel a lot more confident to bring out your device especially if the aluminum body is riddled with scratches. It covers the side and the rear of the device, guaranteed to protect its aluminum rear from any superficial damage.

Incipio Stashback

Incipio outdid themselves on this one. The Stashback’s exterior is mainly made of pretty hard polycarbonate while its interior is made of soft silicone, guaranteed to not damage the device and cushions it in case of falls and bumps. The case also looks good with its glossy finish, guaranteed to raise the device’s appearance quality. Anyway, the best thing about this cover is its hidden compartment in its interior, located at the top and back. You can easily store three cards via a retractable slot (may it be your ID or credit cards) for your convenience. It’s a pretty nice alternative if you don’t want to carry a wallet around. The case is simply innovative and is a great option for people who do not want to carry excess baggage.

Puregear Dualtek Extreme Shock

The Dualtek may look sleek on the exterior, but inside, ingenuity and rugged design is combined to completely protect the device from almost anything, from scratches to falls to bumps to shocks. It seemingly makes the iPhone 5 invulnerable. It provides 360 degree, dual layer protection which combines strength, toughness and flexibility while its slim frame doesn’t add the unwanted bulk and weight, making it light as a feather. The case comes with a screen shield which protects the screen from scratches by providing sacrificial protection. It doesn’t hinder accessibility to utilities like the ports, front and rear cameras and the USB and speaker jacks. It is also equipped with easy grip technology for comfortable and slip-free handling.


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