Portable BlackBerry Batteries for Charging Convenience

Blackberry is undoubtedly the master of QWERTY keyboard, so if you love QWERTY, you probably have Blackberry. Blackberry introduced its newest phone among the roster of its QWERTY Smartphones; the BlackBerry Q10 packs the specs of the impressive Z10, but has a bigger battery than the other.

If you own a Blackberry Q10 or any Smartphone in particular, it is very important to have an extra battery in the bag. Why? The reason is very simple, and it is because you can use your phone to the maximum whenever you need it. Definitely, you would never want to miss an important phone call or a BBM about a business transaction right? With an extra battery at hand, you can alleviate the worries of your phone fainting at you when you need it the most. Worse if you are going on a long travel where you cannot just stop anywhere to juice up phone. As much as possible, face life prepared with that battery always ready to back you up.

We’ve listed up a few battery options among the best BlackBerry Q10 accessories perfect for your phone:

Dexim DCA171 BluePack S8 Battery all devices

Dexim DCA171 BluePack S8 Battery all devices

On the go, but need to charge your phone at the same time? This Dexim Battery is one of the best answers. This 3000 mAh battery can power your phone for as much as 11 hours! While your phone is being charged on the battery, you can use it for 11 hours of talk time or 21 hours of video gaming. An added feature is a built in flashlight that is very functional. This is made of aluminum casing and with a body that is just the size of your phone. Another good thing is that it has wide device compatibility so your friend using an iPhone  can use it too.

Mipow SP8000MSR Power Cube 8000M Micro USB SL

Mipow SP8000MSR Power Cube 8000M Micro USB SL

When it comes to portable mobile charging, you can trust Mipow. Mipow’s Power Cube 8000M Micro USB is the latest addition in its line of powerful mobile chargers coming in sleek and stylish designs. The Power Cube offers not a very impressive battery capacity, with ONLY a walloping 8000mA capacity that you can even charge two devices at the same time! It sports an aluminum case with 5 awesome ionized colors and an elastic pouch that can protect the device from scratches.

BlackBerry ACC53185101 N-X1 Extra Battery Charger

BlackBerry ACC53185101 N-X1 Extra Battery Charger

Want a battery with the same brand as your phone? This extra battery for Blackberry is the way to go. It has a reliable life expectancy, so you don’t have to worry that you cannot use your device after its own battery supply has been drained. A back-up is vital these days, and Blackberry just got you covered with this one.

Mipow SPM04BK Power Tube 5200 Micro USB Black

Mipow SPM04BK Power Tube 5200 Micro USB Black

Not as powerful as the Power Cube 8000M, but this one from Mipow is yet another charger that is ready to sweep you out from the frustration of a dead battery. It features a compact design with 5200mA battery, like the Power Cube, it has dual output ports that can support two devices at a time.


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