High-Tech Speakers for Multimedia Convenience

Portable speakers are almost everywhere today. With Smartphones featuring Bluetooth and AirPlay technologies, many audio companies are taking these technological advancements on their side by creating wide array of portable speaker selections to match every style statement and lifestyle. Boredom is a feeling that no one would like to experience. A good portable speaker you can bring anytime and anywhere can transform a sleepy day into an active mindset that can keep you going.

Whether you are going for hours of travel, partying at the beach with family or friends, high-quality, stylish, and portable speaker can definitely help in boosting the mood. Though headphones are pretty cool options too, portable speakers are your best pick when you want your music to be shared. With a speaker, you can turn up the music as long as you are not disturbing or annoying anyone.

There are many innovations in technology that we should be thankful for especially that they offer us convenience. Portable speakers, along with wireless models offer entertainment and convenience in one with built in battery that can last for long hours, and Bluetooth integration that allows users to stream music wirelessly via their Smartphone or tablet.

We listed some of the best portable speakers you would be glad to have.

XMI X-mini II Capsule Speaker

Capsule Speaker

X mini capsule speaker is a very good product for its price. It features an innovative technology for superior audio experience. This model from XMI offers Bass Xpansion System for excellent bass performance, a rechargeable battery to last up to 12 hours, and an audio jack compatible with media players, Smartphones, and laptops. Its compact design ensures portability and impressive performance.

iLuv IMM155 Vibro II Alarm Clock w/Bed Shaker

Alarm Clock w/Bed Shaker

Vibro II is an ultimate speaker that every iPhone or iPod owners should have. This model from iLuv is not your ordinary speaker with its amazing features to boast. An iPhone or iPod dock, Vibro II comes with digital dual alarm clock, an easy to read LCD display with brightness adjustments control, speakers that can play music with superior quality, and a unique “shaker” that vibrates to wake up heavy sleepers. In addition, you can transform your speaker into an Internet radio offering over 40,000 stations and a reliable source for international weather.

iHome iBT24QC Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker

Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker

This speaker from iHome may look like a simple box, but the sound it brings is surely out of the “simple” league with its astounding depth, power, and clarity. Since it is wireless, the speaker can be powered by Bluetooth devices such as iPad, mobile phones, and laptops. The stereo speaker has built in long-lasting internal lithium-ion battery, so you can bring it anywhere without the worries of cables. It comes with Aux line out jack for an option of connecting with additional speakers.

Getting the right speaker is important to level up the functionality of your phone when it comes to music streaming. Enjoy your music, enjoy your style!


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