Cases And Accessories for Your LG Nexus

LG’s Nexus is one of the hottest gadgets in the market today. Though it does not create that loud buzz in the marketplace like was that of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S4, still LG Nexus is still one of the best phones out there.

Smartphones today are soaring with their unique features, and of course, the prices! Mobile devices are investments, and as much as possible, we need to protect our investments. We need to provide our phone with the protection it needs against accidental falls, drops, scratches, and spills. Lots of accessories and cases are widely available for the smartphone users today since many are also becoming aware that they need to keep their phone away from the damages of the daily-wear and tear.

To gear up your LG Nexus for fashion and protection, we provided a list of accessories and Nexus Cover:

Protective Cases

You can never go wrong with a protective case and an anti-scratch screen protector. This can save your phone from the unwanted damage especially if you happen to accidentally place it inside your pocket together with your coins and car keys. The screen of your phone can be easily damaged by pointed materials, so do not let it without cover. Trusted brands for cases and screen protectors are Otterbox, Incipio and G-Zed.

Otterbox 7724080 Commuter 8X

Otterbox 7724080 Commuter 8X

Incipio LGE171 Feather Nexus 4

Incipio LGE171 Feather Nexus 4

Long Lasting Portable Battery

You surely do not want to miss a very important call or message, or to stop a heated game because your battery is getting low. Look for a quality portable battery that can provide long lasting battery power for a long lasting happiness. An extra battery at the bag or a Power Tube from Mipow can be your perfect alternative. The device features 5200mA battery that can charge two batteries at the same time.

Mipow SPM04NB Power Tube 5200 Micro USB

Mipow SPM04NB Power Tube 5200 Micro USB

Speaker Docks and Multi-Media Stands

Enjoy the use of your phone when at home or when jamming with friends at the beach. With a portable speaker dock and multimedia stands, you can carry your phone anywhere and listen to a good music while relaxing.

Change the way you listen to music with Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, and radio, in one from iHome. With this speaker, you can enjoy controlling your phone wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

iHome iBT97G Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio

iHome iBT97G Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio


In moments that you cannot be accompanied by your favorite speaker, your headset is the friend you can rely to provide you with the best audio needs. Plantronics M1100 is a great model if you are looking for a headset that you can enjoy streaming music without the hassle of cords. The headset allows you to take calls without holding your phone to your ear. It features 3 microphones for superior audio quality, a voice command, and a dedicated voice button.

Plantronics M1100 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics M1100 Bluetooth Headset

Keep your Nexus fashionable and protected by properly accessorizing it.


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