Protecting the Berry: A close look at Blackberry Q10 Cases

Being one of the major players in the smart phone industry, Blackberry took a step back and took a major leap forward with the Blackberry Q10, their QWERTY keyboard smart phone with a multitude of features and capabilities (check out the best Blackberry Q10 Cases here). It may not be as powerful compared to the smart phones in this era, but it provides a no-fuss experience that will definitely suit most businessmen and young professionals. Its keyboard (QWERTY) is like the ones being used in computers, and its convenience and handiness is one that you would definitely want to experience. But even with its sleek design paired with simplicity, it is still prone to all sorts of damage, which is why availing of a Q10 case is an imperative. Here are some of the best Blackberry Q10 cases that you would want to avail right now.

Incipio Feather

Incipio Feather

Inherently known as a company that produces pretty sleek smart phone accessories, Incipio’s flagship case, the Feather, underscores this reputation. Like its name suggests, this phone case is pretty light, weighing only at 0.4 ounces. Despite its weight (or lack thereof) and slim frame, it is able to provide ample protection to the device thanks to the company’s patented “Plextonium” technology, which is basically a mixture of silicone and polycarbonate that can be able to shield the device from shocks and other sorts of impact and at the same time, shield it from superficial damage like scratches and chips. Overall, the aesthetics, design and the convenience that this case offers makes it a must have for most Q10 users. A variant of this case, the Feather Shine, is brushed with an aluminum finish which makes it look like it was made from metal.

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox Defender
A complete contrast to the case mentioned in the previous paragraph, Otterbox highlights protection over aesthetics (but it does not mean that it looks ugly) and its commitment to which is highly underscored in the Defender. This phone case provides optimum protection from all angles, while providing access to the ports, utilities on the smart phone and most of all, the keyboard. The Defender has three layers of protection which is composed of a hard polycarbonate exterior, which is able to resist and deflect force that can be sustained during hard impact; the 2nd layer meanwhile is mainly made of silicone, which cushions the force and prevents any of it from reaching the device. Meanwhile the third layer is actually the membrane that prevents the fingers and the touch screen from coming into contact, shielding it from everyday wear and tear and superficial damage like scratches and chips.

Every manufactured smart phone has its own high and low points, however, every one of it is vulnerable, which is why taking care of it is an imperative. Phones are a major investment, which is why the use of cases should be a priority not only to Blackberry Q10 users, but also to all smart phone owners. Remember, they may only be accessories, but they play a huge role.


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